Stewards supports a State Park vollunteer stewardship crew in the Willow Creek watershed. Volunteers meet on the first Wednesday of the month.

State Parks Volunteer Docents are trained to work with school groups on all aspects of the Watershed Education Program. This comprehensive training program was developed by staff from Stewards, California State Parks and professionals in the field of environmental restoration. Docents are trained to educate students about the effects of land use practices on watersheds, erosion, sedimentation, the life cycle of salmon and their habitat requirements. Docents are also kept up-to-date on the restoration efforts that Stewards and California State Parks are working on in the Willow Creek watershed.

Docents conduct a classroom visit to introduce students to the concepts they will learn during their field visit. The field visit takes place in the Willow Creek watershed, which is part of Sonoma Coast State Park.

Training and requirements: Potential volunteer docents are required to attend one of the three General Orientation Sessions, as well as the Watershed Training Session. In addition, new and returning docents should attend an annual seminar to update them on the restoration work being done to restore Willow Creek as a viable salmonid fishery again.

All new volunteers are required to complete and turn in a hard copy of the CA State Parks DPR 208 paperwork. Read our Volunteer Handbook for more information about becoming a volunteer.



Volunteer Trainings  

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Contact Kat Rawhouser via email or phone at (707) 869-9177 x 1#.

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