The tidepools on the Sonoma Coast State Park beaches are teeming with multitudes of flora and fauna. From virtually invisible colonies of aggregating anemones to sea stars tucked under kelp, there are fragile intertidal creatures everywhere. 

Tasks: Tidepool volunteers teach school groups how to safely observe and interact with the fascinating life forms of the intertidal zone. Students learn about the importance of protecting the fragile plants and animals that inhabit the tidepools. During spring and summer on low tide on weekends, Tidepool Roving volunteers are stationed on certain beaches to provide park visitors with a safe and educational experience exploring the tidepools. 

Meeting times: School tours are offered on weekdays during the spring. The tours generally start at 9 or 10 AM, and end at noon. Roving volunteers are scheduled for 3-4 hour shifts on select weekends in spring and summer

Training and requirements: No prior experience is necessary! New volunteers should attend and register for a Tidepool training. Volunteers will then shadow experienced volunteers until they feel comfortable on their own. New volunteers are required to attend one General Orientation, and encouraged to attend our affordable seminars to further their education. All new volunteers are required to complete and turn in a hard copy of the CA State Parks DPR 208 paperwork. Read our Volunteer Handbook for more information about becoming a volunteer.



Volunteer Trainings  

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Contact Kat Rawhouser via email or phone at (707) 869-9177 x 1#.


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