Josephine C. Marks Bequest

Josephine C. Mark's Legacy 

Josephine Marks passed away on September 28, 2001. She was a resident of Waterford CA for the last several decades of her life. Josephine was born in 1901 in Boston. She was orphaned and traveled across the country during the Great Depression. She was in Pearl Harbor during the attack (Honolulu). She was a real estate broker and rented homes in Waterford.

Her will specified that her estate should be for the benefit of K-8 elementary students. Stewards was selected as a beneficiary because we provide environmental education programs for elementary students at Armstrong Redwoods. Her family learned about us on the Save the Redwoods website.

At the time of her death her estate was worth about 1 million dollars. As one of nine organizations receiving a bequest from her estate, Stewards received $55,161 (of that $$13,084.20 was a stock donation).


The bequest specified that funds should be spent as follows:

  • School bus transportation scholarships
  • Staff costs to orient and teach children about the redwoods
  • Related costs for day or overnight visits to the redwoods
  • Outreach to schools in order to take the "Steward Ship" to schools for redwood education.


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