Finley-Dickenson Endowment Fund

Carmen Finley's Legacy ~ Finley-Dickenson Endowment Fund for Armstrong Redwoods


Doris Dickenson and Carmen Finley


Doris Dickenson and Carmen Finley were both instrumental in publishing two books and two DVDs about the history of Armstrong Redwoods. Their first book, Colonel James B. Armstrong - His Family and His Legacy was published in 2008 and tells the story of Colonel Armstrong and how he and his family saved Armstrong Redwoods to become a State Park. Their second book Parson Jones - The Life and Times of Rev. William Ladd Jones was published in 2010 and tells the story of Parson Jones who married Lizzie Armstrong Jones and helped to facilitate the acquisition of the parklands. They also published two accompanying DVD's with excerpts from each book. They are sold in our visitor centers and nature stores, the Forest to Sea Nature store in Guerneville and online

"It was such a pleasure working with both Carmen and Doris on these publications," says Michele Luna, Executive Director of Stewards. "Their passion and excitement was infectious and I was honored to be part of the process of them figuring out how to uncover the historic information of about these historic figures and secure permission to use photos and documents." 

In November of 2014, Carmen started an endowment for Armstrong Redwoods that will fund the publication of their books, DVDs into the future as well as support education programs at Armstrong Redwoods SNR. 

Doris passed away on January 7, 2017. 

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