Volunteers who love to hike can patrol the 20 miles of trails in Austin Creek SRA on foot. These volunteers help direct hikers, provide visitors with park information, and relay information to Stewards and CA State Parks.

Tasks: Public Assistance Volunteers are outfitted with:

  • a radio to report an emergency
  • water for hikers who may not have enough
  • field guides and maps to offer directions or information about the flora and fauna

Meeting times: This program is very flexible and volunteers are encouraged to hike at their own pace and a distance that suits their time and ability. Shifts take place mostly on weekends.

Training and requirements: New patrol volunteers are mentored with an experienced volunteer until they are ready to go out on their own. Volunteers are trained on how to handle emergencies and correct policies and procedures. New volunteers are required to attend one General Orientation, and encouraged to attend our affordable seminars to further their education. All new volunteers are required to complete and turn in a hard copy of the CA State Parks DPR 208 paperwork. Read our Volunteer Handbook for more information about becoming a volunteer.

Volunteer Trainings  

More Information

Contact Kat Rawhouser via email or phone at (707) 869-9177 x 1#.

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