FIRE BAN STATUS as of May 23, 2018:

Fires are currently not allowed in the backcountry. Fires are still permitted in designated campfire rings at Bullfrog Pond Campground. Foraging for kindling at Bullfrog Pond Campground is strictly prohibited—you may purchase firewood from the Field Operations staff or the camphost on duty. Foraging for kindling in the backcountry is permitted when there is no fire ban in effect.

Please note:

  • All campers are required to sign a fire permit and agree to adhere to all campfire regulations
  • Fire bans can go into effect at any time due to dry weather conditions and can be lifted at any time—if you need to cancel your reservation for this reason, the $10 cancellation fee still applies
  • Backcountry campsites are subject to closure due to heavy rain/inaccessibility issues - we recommend calling ahead to ensure availability
  • Stewards is no longer accepting check payments - all camping fees must be paid by cash or charge ONLY 

For questions regarding camping/site availability and fire ban status, call Field Operations at (707) 869-2015Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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